About Us

Monster Cleaning Chiswick is a company with long history, clear rules and corporate tradition. We are main leader on the market, because our customer had faith in us when we needed the most. Thanks to your positive feedback and the tireless work of our ambitious employees, we have improved our customer attendance and our work quality. We have specialized in domestic and commercial cleaning.

It is very important for us to follow the latest industry standards and criteria, so we invest in market researches and customer surveys. Our cleaners have gone through various work related trainings and seminars to improve their performance and develop new cleaning techniques. All of our employees are fully vetted and police checked, with all the rights to work legally in United Kingdom. Our cleaners are reliable, trustworthy and very responsible. The machinery that they use is only the latest and top of the line. The cleaning materials and liquids are harmless for people and animals, because they are biodegradable and toxic free.

The schedule of our teams is very flexible, because we have started working on every day of the week, even on holidays. Our prices are very affordable and budget friendly, if you receive better quote we will be able to match it or beat it.